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Top 3 Hacks For Time Management

  1. Plan Ahead

Do you ever struggle with what needs to get done? It’s time that you think and plan ahead. Organize your tasks and homework according to difficulty. Doing all the hard stuff first will give you more time to understand concepts thoroughly and takes off the pressure of finishing it on time. Plus, when you’ve finished your difficult tasks, your easier ones will fly like a breeze, which leaves more room for personal hobbies and relaxation!

2. Set Goals For Yourself

Did you know that setting personal goals increases accountability and responsibility. Goal setting can be fun and easy! Start by setting a goal for yourself each day or each week. Once you’ve completed a goal that you have made, reward yourself! You’ll see that checkmarking a goal never felt so good!

3. Eliminate Distractions

Are you having a difficulty concentrating on homework? Television and phones can be a HUGE distraction when it comes to completing a homework assignment. Try practicing self control by limiting the time you use your phone during class and when it is time to do homework. Challenge yourselves! You can even put your phone away or on silent mode with the screen facing down so that you are not tempted to look at it.

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