Super Saturday Writing Sessions (SSWS)

The best value for writing enhancement

Kid Power Writing (3rd-5th) Saturday 10-10:15 AM

Struggling with writing? Does your child need to feel more confident about writing? Our Kidpower Writing offers workshops that are structured to meet the 3rd-5th Grade College and Career Readiness Standards. Students will learn writing conventions in exciting and challenging ways so that they will be equipped and competent amidst the language-demanding performance tasks in schools and careers. They will get multiple opportunities to practice with relevant genres of Narrative, Informative, Argumentative, Research and Creative writing as offered through the school year. Students will become well-acquainted with the writing process and gain valuable strategies to organize their ideas and take their skills beyond class. They will write better with help and feedback from experienced teachers and learn more about grammar and sentence structures. Allow your child to take advantage of the skills they earn as they own and "kidpower" through their writing journey! 

Write-On! Writing (6th-8th) Saturday 10:30-11:45 AM

Want your teen to develop their skills in writing? One of the best ways to have students develop and find success in the skill is by writing continuously. Students of grade levels 6th through 8th are invited to grow in their composition skills in an exciting and challenging environment! Write-On! Writing workshops will be offered throughout the year covering various genres of writing relevant to the California College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards. Sessions will cover the genres as expected in school such as Narrative, Informative, Argumentative, Research and Creative writing and hone in on their knowledge of writing conventions. By writing routinely over extended periods of time, brainstorming and creating an outline, students will become well-acquainted with the writing process. With more exposure to the different styles of writing, students can begin to find more confidence as they create imaginary, realistic, formal, and creative pieces that are "write-on"!

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