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Time Management Tips For Parents

It is important that we teach teens and children how to manage time efficiently early! Teens who do not learn time management skills at a early age are at risk of becoming lifelong procrastinators and can cause problems from high stress levels to relationship trouble.

Here are some steps that you can take to teach your teen essential time management skills:

  1. Model good time management habits.

If you’re always running late or missing deadlines, your teen will follow. Practice managing your own time wisely and show your teen that you can accomplish important tasks at any given day.

2. Give your teen time management tools.

Help your teen find tools that works best for him/her. Whether that is a planner or an app that will manage your child’s schedule. You can also have a white board in the kitchen that has a schedule for both of you so that it is easier to follow! Talk about the importance of creating a schedule and using lists to prioritize their time wisely.

3. Avoid nagging and encourage your teen to develop routines.

It can be tempting to nag your teen or give them repeated reminders. But, telling your teen to do his/her homework over and over again actually reduces his responsibility. Set rules about your expectations and follow through with consequences when necessary. Then, your teen will learn how to manage his time better in the future. Let’s work on encouraging instead of nagging! Talk to your teen about personal goals she wants to reach. Help your teen identify how much timed she will need to work on that goal each day. Goal setting is a great way to help her manage her time! There will be times that your teen will miscalculate how long a project will take or days when they forget a deadline. Help your teen learn from their mistake, and remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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