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Geetha A.

Wonderful staff who are dedicated to help the students achieve their goals.  My son always wanted to attend his dream school Princeton and he was able to achieve his goal with the support and guidance from his tutors and Ms.Ofie at CEC.

jodylin o.jpg

Jodylin O.

Thank you CEC! I had been looking for a great tutoring center to get my daughter prepared for the 6th grade CAASPP, with the intention of hoping she'd have the opportunity to attend Whitney High School for 7th grade. We met Ofie from CEC at a school event in the beginning of the year and I'm so very grateful.

 In that year, my child's grades significantly improved over the previous year, her study skills and focus increased too. By the end of the year, her writing was clear, descriptive and entertaining to math scores made a huge jump too. What I especially appreciate, is my child enjoyed learning from her tutors and loved going!


As a mom of 4 girls who went to Whitney, Ofie was a great guide to help me as mom navigate all my concerns. Ofie was one of the 1st people I let know when my daughter received her acceptance into Whitney. We couldn't have done it with out her and CEC! Many many thanks!


Jeremiah O.

This tutoring center has helped me with my grades tremendously. I completed 7th grade as a straight-A student and was also ranked number 1 out of 298 students. In 8th grade, I again had straight A's and ranked number 1 out of 304 students.


In the past, I was not motivated to do my homework, but then the staff encouraged me and told me that a person cannot go anywhere in life without doing hard work. I am grateful to California Educational Centers because it lead me to become the best academic student I could be throughout my middle school years!


Margie C.

I got introduced to CEC by Ofie Chanco and I must say they have one of the best public speaking programs. From being a very shy elementary student, my daughter has grown to be a confident public speaker, thanks to their program. Because of this, she was inspired to take up Model United Nations in high school  and has attended numerous conferences, competing with schools all over the United States, the last of which was the Nationals MUN in New York last March. It all started with a friendly but firm handshake from Ofie Chanco and owner Brian Tom. 

Da T.

My sons, 6th and 9th graders, took writing classes and SAT preparation with CEC and have loved the courses.  We live in Arizona and the online instruction has been organized, engaging, and really helpful.  

For writing, the instructor has been amazing.  She evaluated their individual writing levels and help them grow into more confident and skilled writers. For SAT prep, the material is well organized and the online discussions are fun and challenging.  

I would highly recommend CEC to others. The courses were of great value. The instructors are top-notch and really experienced. The online option has enabled us to take advantage of time with great instructors who care deeply about my kids' growth while limiting their exposure during the COVID pandemic. Thank you CEC.


Ofie Chanco

When people ask me how I got ALL FOUR girls into Whitney, I tell them

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