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Improve Your Study Habits

The key to becoming an effective student is to learn how to study smarter, not harder. By the time you attend college, you will realize that it may feel like there is not enough hours in a day to get all of your studying done. To become a successful student, here are the top three tips to improve your study habits:

1. Plan When You Are Going to Study.

At the beginning of each week, choose specific times when you are going to study and stick to that schedule! Students who choose to study sporadically usually do not perform as well as other students who have a set schedule. If you find that you do not have anything to study for for that week, still make it a routine to study upcoming lessons or readings so that you develop habits that will enable you to succeed long term. This way, you are prepared for the next day’s lesson plan. Experts say that hearing the information more than once will allow you to remember the information better!

2. Each Study Time should have a Specific Goal.

Simply studying with no goal or direction is not an effective way of studying. Before you start studying, set a study goal that supports your overall academic goal. For example, memorize ten important vocabulary words and their definition on the upcoming exam. By doing so, you are studying effectively and setting personal goals for yourself. You can also make this fun by rewarding yourself if you completed your goal!

3. Make sure you’re not distracted while studying.

Even though it is hard to admit, we are all distracted by something, maybe that is your phone, the television, your personal gaming system, or maybe it is even just too quite for you. Some find it easier to study with a little background music while others need complete silence to focus. Find whatever it is that allows you to study better and use it to your advantage.

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