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Helping every student reach his or her highest academic and social potential.

Founded in 1991

We work with 2 School Districts

California Educational Centers (CEC) was founded 26 years ago operating out of a small homework lab serving a couple students. We have since grown to a large facility serving thousands of students through individual tutoring and after school programs.

From our office in Cerritos, we serve school districts around the LA/Orange Country area reaching thousands of students through our award winning after school programs.

Serving thousands of students

DreamPrep SAT & College Goldmind

Since 1991, CEC has served tens of thousands of students through our after school programs and tutoring from our office. We have worked with many school districts and community outreach projects.

Our new College Goldmind program helps students get into the college of their dreams by packaging their application to excite readers. Our DreamPrep SAT prep courses are helping students beat the standardized tests.



Mr. Gary, we really appreciate all the the hard work you've put into tutoring and helping our daughter. You guys have become our lifeline to knowledge. Angelina the other day mentioned she doesn't stress about geometry anymore because she knows she can go to CEC and get the help she needs there; that was music to my ears. Ofie you are AMAZING! You have helped me so much; even parents need tutoring. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

James H.

CEC Parent

 "To the parents of: Karishma M, Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your child meets the eligibility requirements for Whitney High School."


Thank you CEC for helping make this happen. Ms. Sarah Lee, like an unknown author said, "There's no one quite like a special teacher, and no teacher quite as special as you." CEC, I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom. 

Mrs. Muthukumar

CEC Parent

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How it all started...

In 1991, Brian Tom's seedling educational center, Cerritos Education Center, consisted of a one-room homework lab, a used van, and a staff of 5 employees...


Today, the educational services company has transformed to become California Educational Centers Inc., or CEC, now boasting several contracts with school districts, valued community relationships and a staff of more than 100, including credentialed teachers, college graduate and undergraduate students, who reach out year-round to all students. CEC is proud to receive continued support from the community, through partnerships with institutions like the California Chess Academy, Chick-Fil-A, Elephant Bar Restaurant, Network for a Healthy California and Project APPLE.


While the facility and the student base has certainly grown and changed over the years, the principle behind the company remains the same. The vision was, and still is, for an educational center with 3 core values: safety, education and fun! Together these components, along with the mission statement, "to help each student reach his/her highest academic and social potential" brings to life an educational center whose unique environment inspires academic and social success for its students.

CEC strives to guarantee academic and social success for its students. CEC continues to be at the forefront of education, constantly developing new programs and curriculum designed to inspire every aspect of a childs mind, and utilizing the latest in educational technology in its multimedia computer lab, Vision Learning Labs.


As the company has grown, so has the diversity of its clientele. CEC's goal is to make its educational services available to all students, of all backgrounds. With this goal in mind, CEC has worked hard to offer special year-round discounts to make CEC's work with each family's own budget.


Even though he is legally blind, Brian Tom has a clear vision to educate others and is motivated to share this vision. From the very start of his journey, which began with his diagnosis of glaucoma, to his present achievements, four highly respected companies, Brian and his staff have maintained their devotion to education and continue to provide students with a visionary path to success! California Educational Centers continues to be an integral part of the neighboring community fueled in large part to our staff's dedication and enthusiasm towards student achievement!

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