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Become A Speaking Pro!

Here are a few tips on how to increase and better your public speaking skills. They’re super easy to do and incorporate in your daily routine!

  1. Practice Small Talk

Practicing small talk is a great way to start a pitch or an idea, and also a way to decrease your social anxiety. Start up a conversation about the weather, recent current events, or even pop culture news. Practicing rhythms and tones when talking to people can help you become more comfortable with your audience when it comes to a big speech.

  1. Experiment with Different Words

Try to learn a new vocabulary word at least twice a week! Learning new words can help you when utilizing language in a big speech. Practicing the same pitch and speech patterns can be repetitive and boring, so try to experiment with variations. Expanding your vocabulary, experimenting with different tones, and even being aware of your reaction tones in a casual conversation can help you sound more natural and eloquent.

3. Record Yourself!

There’s nothing more nerve-wracking and embarrassing than watching yourself and hearing your voice when delivering a speech, so do exactly just that! You’ll find that being able to watch yourself will help you see what you need to fix verbally and visually in order to improve. Watch for long pauses, repetitive “ums” or awkward posture and hand movements. As you keep practicing, you’ll be able to adjust these small errors and maximize your chance at success!

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