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Our Math Olympiad, Public Speaking, and Writing programs provide a safe, online experience for students to remain productive and engaged throughout the Summer. Learn more and register below!

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In this 6 Week Summer Math Program, students will learn advanced math and problem-solving skills. It will build and strengthen their confidence in mathematics,  preparing them for success in future, rigorous math courses and timed exams.  

This program is for Elementary Students in Grades 3-6. See the Flyer below to learn more and register! 



In our 6-Week Public Speaking Course, students will build their confidence by developing a positive attitude and effective voice, tone, and body language. They will learn and practice their communications skills through individual and group lessons, games, and activities (all in a safe and supportive environment). By the end of the program, every student will be able to effectively and confidently present to any audience!

This program is divided into KidPower Public Speaking for Grades 3-6 and TeenPower Public Speaking for Grades 7-10. See the Flyer below to learn more and register!

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This Summer 2021, we are offering Courses in Research Writing and Exploring Literature. These courses will help your child strengthen their writing skills, and expose them to new, important genres for middle and high school. They will learn writing conventions in exciting and challenging way, and receive many opportunities to practice. With the guidance of our Experienced Teacher and the benefit of Small Classes, they will receive the attention needed to improve their grammar, organization, creativity, and much more! 

Our Summer Writing Classes are divided into KidPower Writing for Grades 3-5 and Write-On! Writing for Grades 6-8. See the Flyer below to learn more and register!

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