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Information for Educators

Educators, schools and districts partner up with CEC to develop and administer after-school enrichment programs for your students!

Academic Expertise

All our after school instructors are vetted by CEC for complete competence in the subject they are teaching. Our instructors are professionally educated and trained in house for their specific after school program.

Interactive Learning

Our after school programs encourage student participation and enrichment. CEC's flagship Academy of Robotics program offers students a hands-on experience with the latest technology.

Extensive Experience

Since 1991, we have served thousands of students in Los Angeles and Orange County School Districts. We provide CA standards based instruction, lesson plans and learning materials for your staff and students. We have proudly partnered with:


  • ABC Unified School District

  • Bellflower Unified School District

  • Capistrano Unified School District

  • Cerritos College Community Education

  • Inglewood Unified School District

  • Fullerton School District

  • Los Angeles County of Education

  • Long Beach Unified School District

  • Project APPLE/REACH

  • Montebello Unified School District

  • Compton Unified School District

Proven Track Record

California Educational Centers has been serving schools for 24 years and providing affordable, high quality after school enrichment programs. Our unparalleled experience makes the difference through professionalism and punctuality.

Affordable Pricing

We will work with your district or school to customize our programs to meet your budget. We have worked with many educational partners, we understand the challenges your school faces, and we are ready to overcome these issues.

Satisfied Schools

For the past 6 years, CEC has served the students in Project APPLE with a variety of educational and enrichment programs that engage students in active learning. Instructors are highly skilled paraprofessionals who have a passion for helping children learn and succeed. CEC provides attentive and immediate customer service focused on total involvement and continuous improvement. The partnership with CEC is a valued asset to the Project APPLE program.

Vickie Myers

Program Coordinator, Project APPLE, Bellflower School District

For the past 3 years, CEC has been running our science programs. The programs are great because they are all hands-on activities and the students are always very motivated and excited to attend. I remember visiting one of the schools and seeing the students' faces light up when they spoke about Science Explorers! There is a very positive relationship between CEC and our schools.

Joann Arrowosegbe

Inglewood Unified School District, After School Program Coordinator

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School Districts we have worked with in the past:

High quality, affordable after-school programs for elementary school students

Since 1991, we have served thousands of students in the Los Angeles and Orange County school districts. We provide California standards based instruction, lesson plans and learning materials for your staff and students. We are currently partnered with ABCUSD, Montebello, and Compton.


Compton Unified School District (CUSD)

  • Leal Elementary

  • Bragg Elementary

  • Wittmann Elementary

  • Burbank Elementary

  • Melbourne Elementary

  • Furgeson Elementary

  • Bunche Middle School

  • Davis Middle School

  • Enterprise Middle School

  • Walton Middle School

  • Whaley Middle School

  • Willowbrook Middle School

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