Meet Our Staff

Ofie  Chanco - Community Relations Manager

Ofie Chanco is the California Educational Center's (CEC) very own Community Relations Manager. She first started out as a customer here at CEC where she put all four of her daughters in the program. Ofie was very astounded with how the tutors and the educators worked with her daughters to develop and improve their math, reading, and writing. Through the hard work of the CEC staff, all of Ofie's daughters were accepted into Gretchen Whitney High School also known as the #1 high school in California. 


Ofie was so impressed with how the CEC staff cultivated and flourished her daughters' skills that it inspired her to join the team and work as the Community Relations Manager. She wanted to help CEC help other students shine like how CEC helped her daughters. As the Community Relations Manager, Ofie works with parents and students to assess their knowledge and find out where they excel and where they need help. She works really hard to make sure the children are put in the right program and that parents are getting the best deal with the best results. She plays a major role in helping them grow and improve not only in their knowledge but also with their limits.


Ofie inspires students to go above and beyond their capabilities to truly excel at their best. She wants parents to know that every child is special and that each one has the capability of being excellent, they just need to be pointed in the right direction. She really believes that with the committed efforts of both her and the rest of CEC, your children will be able to achieve their goals and get closer to their dreams. 



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