Meet Our CEO

Brian Tom

Brian Tom is an exceptional CEO and teacher. He built California Educational Centers (CEC) when he was just 20 years old back in 1991. He is a graduate of Gretchen Whitney High School, which is also known as the #1 high school in California. In 1992, he graduated from his dream school, the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Brian's story is both inspiring and profound due to all the pain and hardship he had to overcome in his life. He was an exceptional student growing up and was always excelling in his studies thanks to the motivation to support his family. Brian went to UCLA to pursue a career that would allow both of his brothers to receive the opportunity to attend a university. Brian was on the right track when he was suddenly struck with misfortune. He developed Glaucoma in his early 20's which caused him to lose complete eyesight in his left eye. His right eye was badly damaged as well and it blurred his vision. Brian was now blind. 


Even though Brian was now blind, he didn't let his disability hinder him from achieving his dreams. He learned to adapt and thrive with his new condition. He stayed active and motivated. It was around this time where he developed and grew California Educational Centers into the business it is today. Brian received huge success and recognition with CEC. He was even presented with an award in 2013 from the City of Cerritos to thank him for all the work he has done for the community. 


Even with all the accomplishments of CEC, Brian did not stop there. He went on to create Blind Start of America which is an award-winning, non-profit organization dedicated to helping the visually impaired find the resources to live normal, healthy and fulfilling lives. Brian's personal philosophy of "No Excuses" allowed him to flourish his career and he wanted to share his success with others through Blind Start. He didn't want them to think that having a disability would keep them from reaching their full potential. The organization works with CEC to hold and participate in events in the community to raise awareness and provide support to those in need.


Up to this day, Brian Tom is still being recognized and awarded for his work. He was also awarded in 2016 by his Alma Mater, Gretchen Whitney High School by inducting him in their Hall of Fame, an honor reserved for those who've really made a difference in the community. Brian wants to share his story in hopes to encourage everyone to pursue their aspirations and to not let anyone or anything hold them back from living up to their fullest potential.



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