Common Core Development

Stride™: Motivational and Interactive Academic Growth

Today’s education is fast and can be overwhelming for your child. Stride™ is an award-winning program that complements your child’s own learning pace and picks up where they are left behind.

Common Core Assessment Based on Individualized Need

Do not leave it to chance that your child might silently struggle in some areas. Stride™  fine-tunes its intervention to target Common Core standard deficiencies, directing efforts at skill building and remediation where most needed.

Incentive Learning through Interactive Technology

The Stride™ Administrator tracks improvement and accurate usage to encourage merit learning in your child. Outstanding achievement earned through the interactive game-based reward system can be exchanged for prizes. Plus, get access easily from any personal computer or compatible tablet device! You can check device compatibility here:

Progress Reports

Act early upon your child’s learning curve gap using concrete data based on your child’s Stride™ performance. A Stride™ Administrator reviews these reports and recommends customized practice or tutoring help. Stride™ also sends automated weekly reports to your email address so you can easily track your child’s progress.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Through Stride™, your child’s improvement and enjoyment of learning will always come first. Each new account comes with a 30 day guaranteed satisfaction or your money back. Call us for a free one-hour demonstration.

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